Day: May 27, 2022

waste incinerator ⋅ 202088 More details emerge about plans to build huge waste incinerator on site of Ratcliffe-on-Soar power … Nottinghamshire Live … eliminates emissions which would be created from burying waste in landfill sites. The plant would work in a similar way to the Eastcroft Incinerator, … The world is drowning in […]
Type Pyrolytic:- Hot Medical Waste Disposing Machine Operation Condition 8-16 Hr /day Controls Built in data recording Incinerator  /Primary Combustion Chamber Type: continuous loading  Capacity/Burn rate per hour: 250 -300kg/hr  Temperature:  900-1200 oC   Material: External- 3 layers  Internal lining:  a fire proof material of pre-fired refractory bricks with Aluminium lining, resistant to corrosive waste or gas and to thermal shock Secondary  Combustion  Chamber Type: horizontal/vertical Temperature: 1200-1400 oC Residence time of gases : >2 seconds Material External- Low thermal mass insulation 14-30 oC  Internal lining:  a fire proof material of pre-fired refractory bricks with Aluminium nettle lining, resistant to corrosive waste or gas and to thermal shock. Ash Handling System Both Automatic and manual removal of Ash. Must ensure removal/treatment of hazardous remnants of ash. Flue gas treatment   system         Capable of treating the flow of flue  gas as the incinerator is operating at its maximum capacity Auxiliary device: Water level gauge, pressure sensor, PH sensor..etc.  Auxiliary device: Fuel cut off device Waste  feeding mechanism Automatic pneumatic/hydraulic waste loading system or conveyor belt , capacity 650-800L at a time                                                                                                                                       Chimney (Stack) Type: Vertical type height: 7-10 meters  Material: Fireproof cast, stainless steel  Wet scrubbing system Vertical sprat tower with baffles or packing inside Gas emission Reduction of Pollutant gas SO2, HCL, HF and line particulate OUTPUT ASH -Max <5% of original waste size GAS- SMOKELESS,ODORLESS Emission standard WHO/ European Test report for emission testing Must be provided Product Data sheet/ Catalogue Must be attached to the ITB Additional Requirement -Local agent or branch in Ethiopia -Training for users as well as for EPHI maintenance staff  on preventive maintenance […]
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