4th Generation of eCommerce-ecommerce

Hello my dear fellow,

Have you ever wondered about how eCommerce has been growing so fast in the last 15 years? Have you ever thought about what was the first step of eCommerce? What’s new? And how can you as a consumer, earn money without actually have stock to sell? I will show you the way since the 1st to the 4th generation of eCommerce of how it become a successful tool for merchants and what’s our role as consumers.

1st eCommerce generation; it was year 1995, when a new concept to sell online start to be a trend, B2C (business to consumer) is the first step of the eCommerce drive by Amazon.com; the simple idea of many companies to increase their sales just by going online. The problem they faced was all about how can people notice my web-store and buy from me? suddenly millions of links comes out, what kind of marketing strategy was the most successful one for a user to find a link in the middle of millions on internet.

2nd generation: year 1997; eBay evolve from the B2C to the B2B concept (sell and buy between companies), they create as well the how to sell online with the less amount of effort? Selling from one consumer to another one (C2C). eBay create the superstore model; some of the challenge they face even until today is the difficulty for consumers to find the product they want; as soon as you upload a product to sell, 5 min later another dozens of sellers upload more product so your product won’t be shown anymore after 5 min in the first page, the buyer will have many more options before yours.

3rd generation: year 2001; Yahoo continue with the B2C and C2C model but they create the super mall model, a big market place to find anything you want; from the big brands until the weirdest things ever seen before. They allow to merchants, not only the opportunity to sell something but also to own a web store, they developed tools for merchants to easily sell online and make their product a bit more attractive for buyers. The faced challenges for merchants were about how to sell more. Merchants can’t sell more than what they have… then how to start to sell if I don’t have anything to sell.

4th Generation: year 2009; http://www.SMilDS.com was born with the new and latest generation of eCommerce, sell more and earn more money; they allow by the first time the B2B2C2C (business to business to consumer to consumer) concept; is the cross-selling concept, persons can actually sell without any stock at home by “cross-selling” products from big brands and normal sellers, merchants will ship the product from the original place in case you sell something. SMilDS.com offer you the biggest market place where big brands and small sellers share their products, They work with the super mall model and provide you of a web-store and an extensive category of tools for you, Now if your product is cross-sold then your product will be show in hundreds of web-stores.

That is the new generation of eCommerce, that is how many people around the world is getting an income to solve their money problems, you just need a computer and a internet connections and your role is simple as sell and earns money. Simple enough don’t you think?


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