8 Tools That Every Social Media Writer Needs to Bookmark NOW

1. TweetDeck – TweetDeck allows you to pull up several Twitter search columns and search for several different phrases at once. If you’re a social media writer, you already understand the importance of Twitter for business marketing- this handy tool allows you to keep up with the entire Twitterverse from just one platform.

2. Google News – I used to search for collaboration news (as I work for a collaboration software company) by typing “Collaboration software” into the Google homepage. Bad idea. My results included advertisements, spam sites and any webpage that ever mentioned the phrase. Now, I use Google News each morning to check up on NEWS that’s important to me, and let Google do the spam and irrelevant search result filtering FOR me.

3. Facebook– Facebook recently reached its 300 million active members mark, there are currently 65 million Facebook users accessing the social platform from their mobile devices and more than 8 billion minutes are spent on Facebook worldwide each day. Need I say more? Facebook. Use it.

4. Blog – Blogging has evolved into a crucial corporate tool, as good company blogs keep customers or readers informed, updated and loyal to your business.

5. Digg– Digg brings the top breaking news of the web to you, so you don’t have to scour the Internet for hours on end, searching for interesting articles/sites relevant to your company. You can also publish your own articles to Digg! It is called the “Digg Effect” – write an informative and engaging article, Digg it and watch it go viral!

6. Delicious– At first I was skeptical about the importance of social bookmarking. Although it’s used by many for social networking, I simply find Delicious useful in bookmarking the sites which I find relevant to my company’s industry. Unlike bookmarking onto Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can access your Delicious bookmarks from any web browser, on any computer.

7. Google Analytics – Google Analytics will let you see who is following your website or blog, what pages they are viewing the most and how long they are spending on your site each time they visit. This proves useful in evaluating your articles and deciding whether or not you are effectively engaging readers’ interests.

8. A Good Collaboration Solution– I’ll throw in a plug here. As a social media writer, it’s imperative to stay organized and on top of things. I’m sure you’ve felt overwhelmed by the numerous web tools, social media sites and applications you need to log into each day. Using a collaboration software lets you condense all your important documents, articles, logins, bookmarks, projects and social media marketing campaigns into one online workspace. Don’t opt for just any free online tool, however- good collaboration tools should be intuitive, professional and affordable.

If you haven’t been doing so already as you read the article, bookmark each of these sites into your Delicious Bookmarks Folder or Firefox Toolbar now! And bookmark this article while you’re at it- you never know when you might need to share these tips with your coworkers or friends.


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