an animal cremator


an animal cremator for our business in malaysia.currently we are doing individual private cremation and mass cremation for pets as well as medical incinerator which is capable of burning between 3 to 5 tonnes per day of mixed waste products, plastics, rubber, flammable putrescible waste, medical waste, rubber tyres, paper and cardboard, textiles, green timber waste etc. As some of the waste products will contain non-flammable solids, the incinerator should be capable of extracting those materials probably via a rotary kiln process.

It is not intended to use any fuel, such as oil or diesel, to promote the burning of the waste, as the waste products are required to be incinerated using a free burning process. Hot air however from a downstream process will be available to increase the incinerator temperature and burning rate as required. Very high temperatures in the incinerator are not necessary and are not required.

The burning of the waste products is expected to produce toxic emissions which will be cleaned via other existing downstream processes and a Post Combustion process in the incinerator is therefore not required.

The incinerator should be capable of accommodating an automatic waste feed process.Incinerator Specification

S. No.

Feeding Capacity
100 Kg.

Burning Capacity
50 Kg. / Hour

Feed Mode

Diesel Oil

Incinerator Type
Dual Combustion Chamber with Built in Smoke Filter ( Dry Scrubber )

Chimney Material
Non Corrosive / Corrosion Resistant Preferably Stainless for longer Life (Height 5-7 Meter)

High Quality European CE Certified Oil Burner

Control Panel
Standard PLC Control Panel

Power Supply
220/380 Volt Ac 50 Hz.

Oil Tank Capacity
200~~ 300 Litre

Burning Chamber
Fire Brick, Refractoy Brick, Concrete


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