BBMP Guidelines For Waste Segregation In Bangalore-solid waste incinerator

With tonnes of garbage being generated in the city per day, the amount of scraps piling up in Bangalore has reached alarming heights. The BBMP has taken an initiative to curb this issue in the city by implementing one of the widest waste segregation drives in India. This has been in effect for the past two years and is still continuing to improve the waste management scenario in Bangalore.

What is Waste Segregation?

In the most layman terms, waste segregation is separating dry waste from wet waste, so that the dry scraps can be recycled and the wet ones can be composted.

BBMP has set a few guidelines for waste segregation in Bangalore:

Mixing of Different Waste Types:

BBMP has requested the residents to refrain from mixing wet waste with other garbage such as garden waste, dry waste, and sanitary waste. Wet waste will be collected on a daily basis, at a particular time determined by the assigned workers.

Use of Plastic Bags for Wet Waste Collection

The civic authority has asked the residents to avoid the use of plastic bags while handing over wet waste. Such kind of garbage should be put into bins or vehicles that are brought to every resident’s house. BBMP can also assign common points where the locals can dispose wet scraps.

Frequency of Waste Collection

The collection of garden waste and dry waste will be done once in a month, while Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) will be collected on a quarterly basis or sometimes even earlier.

Penalty for Throwing Waste on the Streets

The civic authority has decided to issue fines on locals who dump garbage in public places or vacant streets. Other fines will be levied for reasons such as urinating or spitting on the streets, failing to separate garbage correctly, mixing wet waste and construction debris, and so on.

BBMP has been working very hard to make sure this is followed every day, in every part of the city. This initiative has greatly reduced the problem of waste management in Bangalore, making it a cleaner city to reside in.

The following are important points to keep in mind while segregating your waste:

1. Make sure that the garbage is segregated properly at its source.

2. Toxic waste of any kind must be handled with caution as it can be hazardous to you. Such scraps must be isolated and disposed of as soon as possible.

3. Do not store biodegradable waste for more than a day.

4. Solid scraps must be sent to an incinerator.


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