HEPA Filters and Their Use-air filter

Air pollution is not exclusively outdoors. It can occur inside your home as well. Dust mites, dirt, mold spores, animal hair and pollen hidden in carpet fibers, behind the curtains, under your bed and other parts of your home can be part of the indoor home circulation and can irritate […]

Five Common Reasons for Data Loss-clean room

When the drive is damaged physically. One of the most common reasons for data loss is physical damage. A simple manufacturing defect, or external influences such as shock, dust or power surges may cause internal damage. Anti-static discharge or ESD is also another common cause of failure. Physical damage will […]

Fall Dust Allergies-clean room air filter

If dust and dust mites are the bane of your existence, then you should read this article. Early fall often is prime production time for several different allergens. If you already know that you are allergic to dust mites, animal dander or pollen, you can assume that dust will be […]

Cherry Picker Safety Guide-industry air filter

Accidents from mobile elevated work platforms (M.E.W.P.’s) primarily come from: Failure of critical mechanical parts of the M.E.W.P. Unsuitable ground conditions Serious falls from the M.E.W.P. Contact with a vehicle Fall protection systems- (harness, lanyard and shock absorber) cannot be relied upon as the only means of protection as if […]

A Trip to Northern Europe-clean room

First of all Denmark which is bordered next to Germany, is a small country in the north. Denmark is a country with a long and interesting history, it is a kingdom which has been involved in many historical movements through the years. Besides that, a lot of kingdoms near to […]

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing-clean room

Contract manufactured medical devices are widely used in a variety of markets such as critical care, emergency room, home health care and industrial laboratories. The critical care section includes medical devices for respiratory therapy and operating rooms. The emergency room includes the medical devices for the cardiac lab, labor and […]

Best Air Purifiers of 2021-clean room air filter

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indoor air can be five times more polluted than the outdoor air. As indoor air remains enclosed and not circulated as much as outside air, many pollutants tend to thrive inside, which increases the risk of respiratory infections, neurological problems, etc. for […]