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Playboy mansion is the place where almost all men dream of going. It houses the playmates of the famous men’s magazine Playboy. No wonder guys want to stay or even live in this mansion. Forbes described it as a mansion that has a Gothic Tudor style. Even the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, has a […]
Have you ever witnessed a friend or neighbor distraught over the death of a pet? If you have never owned a pet, or considered having one, were you surprised to see someone crying? Actually, such a response is just as normal as when a close friend or loved one dies. Here’s what you should know […]
The dilemma of being in control of someone else’s life is one of the biggest situations and major responsibilities you will have to address whilst here on this planet. Having the love and loyalty of a cat or dog is one of the biggest gifts you will ever receive in return. As they age or […]
The last thing you want to have to think about once you have had to sustain the loss of a pet is what to do with the remains. Some people opt to bury their pets in the back yard or a pet cemetery with a pet grave marker to ensure they have a place to […]
Those who are gone will never come back but we can surely bless their souls with peace and honor by buying the best quality of Urns. Some people even use their loved ones Urns as Keepsake Urns. There are families who have fixed traditions and customs and are very particular in following them, with regards […]
Have you lost a pet recently and are looking for a pet head stone? When the smallest, but not the least of your family has passed on, an engraved granite head stone can be a reminder of its special place in your family. There are numerous sayings that you can put on a pet head […]
In this article I will be introducing you to “Pet Cemetery Persuasion” and why it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to salvage a relationship. Learning the differences between this faulty type of persuasion and the more elegant methods will not only help you get your girl back but ensure […]
Dealing with the passing of a beloved animal is difficult. Often, pet owners chose cremation to help with the grieving process. Having a plan for your companion’s remains gives you steps to follow as you learn to live with your loss. Understanding the steps of pet cremation will help you navigate the difficult days after […]
The death of a family pet is an event that brings with it a special sorrow. Making this mournful period even more stressful is that fact that the owner is immediately faced with the decision of what to do with the remains of the loyal friend. While a pet cemetery can be a viable option, […]
There is a lot of speculation in relation to the duration you must keep your pet ashes in a Pet Cremation Urn. Over they years I have had many a question in relation to how long must you keep the ashes and are they safe in the receptacle supplied by the Pet Crematorium? Other queries […]