Completely Uninstall System Mechanic – Iolo System Mechanic Professional Version 8-incinerator

Yesterday a friend told me that he was trying to install McAfee antivirus and it will not install and asked the Iolo System Mechanic to be removed completely. But the problem is that he could not find any file of the program in the programs list. So, what should he do, to make a thorough uninstall of this Iolo program? Here is the solution.

Step 1. Find the four files below, and right click to select “Delete” after select all of them by pressing left click of the mouse:





Step 2. Type in “regedit” to open the Registry Editor and expand the registry list to find and delete the following directories one by one:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareiolo System Mechanic

Step 3, Reboot your computer and download the McAfee antivirus again to see whether the conflict still exist on your computer. If it do exist, then you may need to contact the support of Iolo for further assistance or download the Iolo uninstaller from their official website.

However, it is never an easy case to conduct this manual process to fully remove all dynamically created configuration data and other application-related information of Iolo System Mechanic Professional Version 8 for ordinary computer users. And the uninstallers which come with software products often do not perform a complete uninstall. But what can we do ro make it removed completely?


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