Coronavirus and Getting to Know God – Psalm 46-10-Coronavirus

We will translate psalm 46-10 “be still and know that I am God” more comprehensively toward the end of this article. It will explain just how important this particular psalm is for humans at this unprecedented time. But, for now, by way of adding context, let us discern upon how wildlife carries out its corresponding duties for their survival, and how humans, as the superior beings, compare.

The birds, bees and the fish

Have you ever observed a flock of birds rapidly swoop upwards in to the sky and suddenly spiral downwards in an instant? Similarly, with shoals of fish, how they dart in one direction and then somersault in another direction instantly and simultaneously. Awesome, I’m sure you will agree. From the human perspective, bird flocking behavior is truly worth reflecting upon in the present coronavirus situation.

The question is: for what purpose are they performing in such synchronized fashion?

The answer is they are praying

Symmetrical formation flying — and rapid dash movement of fish — allows them communicate or connect with their source, their “god”, which — for all of the non-human species on earth — is Nature. In other words, Nature provides the birds and all land animals, including the marine life, with all they need to “know” on survival in their present environment.

Symmetrical vee formation flying by other birds, is also for the same reason: they’re in contact with their guiding source for repenising energy-fuel for their migratory journey. Such is how they receive vital intuitive guidance to feeding places along the way.

‘Flocking’ puts birds into anticipatory mode, they ‘anticipate’ — let’s call this anticipation bird faith or prayer — and then, once this intuitive change commences, is picked up within the flock consciousness – generated by Nature – then change of direction spreads instantaneously though the whole flock in a wave of dynamical intelligence. Flock flying represents group awareness, where no individual bird is in charge. It’s how they keep updated, about each other and the latest survival information.

Then we have the wonderful bees.

Regarded as a social insect, bees are workers, flying solely for a group reason which is to feed and nourish the hive. They don’t fly for the love of flying but simply to find nectar and then return it so that the hive benefits.

Because we’re all connected to the same universal life-force, when we think about it, the concept of birds, fish and insects praying makes so much spiritual-evolution sense. There are just so many ‘praying’ existences taking place simultaneously within this beautiful Eco-system of witch much is ignored or taken for granted. And have you noticed, among all the diversities of nature’s inhabitants – big and tiny — they never set out to harm or disrupt the natural environment. If only human-kind could be like that, we may well ask.


So, what has nature-nurturing to do with the present world pandemic: Coronavirus.

Well, as we shall see, it has a lot to do with it, particularly with regards to how humans may benefit from the approach adapted by our co-inhabitants here on earth.

As mentioned earlier, flocking birds, honey bees and shoal fish, and many other species, do not operate individually while in prayer, rather everything is intended toward natural flock or group species survival

Now this article is not about nation-bashing, far from it. But consumerism globally would seem to be out of control, and it doesn’t feel right

This coronavirus treat is schooling us in a survival lesson: Nature is trying to tell us something profoundly subtle in very harsh and crude detail..On one level, amidst all the suffering, the opportunity for change arises. And while coronavirus will pass yes, it’s message of change will linger until we’ve each taken the nature-message on-board mentally.

Similarly with global warming, we’re going to have to come to terms with a new beginning, a new set of basic or home truths, a new order of material priorities, in short, a new order of consciousness.

Take material objects for instances and the present consumerism explosion. In meeting this unwarranted material product demand, technology is having to expand beyond what many consumers can healthily handle both mentally and emotionally. Not to mention the long-term effects of plastic on the environment.

The emphasis seems to be on powerful nations becoming solely interested in maintaining its own ‘patriotic’ dominance, as if the rest of the world flock doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter in the global equation. That, geographically, certain people get food-fed while others less fortunate can be ignored.

Narrowing it down

Let’s say, by way of explanation, there is this macro national dominance mind-set, and within that there is the micro self-interest only mind-set. One is feeding off the other and the cycle of national dominance alongside individual self-interest only continue unabated. Now, of course, there’s nothing wrong with furthering individual and national creativity, in fact, it’s perfectly natural for humans to be creative — this is how we’re wired. But this over-emphasis on ‘me’ mine’ ‘ours’ has reached saturation point.

Nature’s innate intelligence has picked up on this: that something is out of balance on this planet.

Reached our cycle limit

Materialism, illusion, and its associated level of consciousness, has taken humanity to its furthest point of this particular greed-conquer-illusion cycle. And while it’s through cycles of evolution that humanity progresses, at the quantum level, in human evolution terms, it’s not really about survival of the fittest, or, who can become the strongest and most powerful nation, corporation or individual, or who among us can fly the highest faith flag.

Coronavirus is reminding of what we’ve been over-looking, which is: Nature doesn’t forget – it reflects back to us exactly what we send out. Thus, Nature’s message, for our greater good, is to realign and develop a spiritual-cosmic consciousness.

In this area, the enlightened Rishis of ancient India I believe knew the true secret of reality. But somewhere along the long corridor of time this pure wisdom has been mangled and diluted into meaning something entirely different. Lost in translation, we could say.

This pandemic is reminding that our priorities are all mixed up and out of synchronization with the natural laws of Nature. These laws are real and definite and require strict adherence to. Depending on the mind-set, they will serve us either positively or negatively. Thus be careful of how our mind’s are being formed and conditioned..

We’ve become artificialized

Humanity has become over-burdened mentally and emotionally thus creating many kinds of new and unnatural strains and stressors within the human physiology.

The conditioned mind-set appears, that, simply by taking certain medications, everything will be OK. A programmed mind-set, that, once these problems are masked artificially, in a pharmacological sense, then this is fine. But it’s not fine. Because these mind-sets don’t just go away, they’ve become subconscious patterns or addiction mind-sets. Thus, proliferation of symptom-ignorance conditioning continues in perpetuity.

We’ve become almost sense-deadened — artificiality is the new king. This human numbness to reality and the natural environment has led to chronic accumulations of anger and discontent within the human psyche. It has come to the point, that, our once means of natural happiness have become blocked by commercialism and exploitation. Rather than happiness being a simple natural choice of will, much of this outlet has morphed into industries which for many can lead to addictive and compulsive patterns of behavior.

Even much of the ‘smart’ progress sadly, for many, is at the expanse of natural soul development and inter-personal activity. People are now walking and staring hypnotic-like into a fantasy world for the latest illusory world gossip.

What standard of evolution does this represent?

Ascension Consciousness

We’re each created for Ascension unto God-Consciousness. This process takes place within. Spiritual ignorance is what blocks progress in this area. We’re not designed for remaining at base camp level of ignorance indefinitely. To initiate Ascension out of spiritual ignorance, a calibration of mind is required. This being a silent integratory journey, it all begins with mental stillness.

Materially speaking, everything changes. But, conversely, at our core soul level, we’re each Changeless, immortal and eternal. We’re each the eternal Spirit.Therefore, this Ascension process leads to spiritualizing the body and awareness into knowing the Changeless Christ Standard within consciousness. Thus, attachment to the material world and self-interest only, is contrary to our true nature. This ‘contrary’ behavior clings and obscures our Immortal Christ nature.

In eastern culture, which I believe is more advance in the area of spiritual soul development, this ignorance or attachment to materialism, is known as Maya – false identification.

When we consider the lives of the great historical saints and sages of all cultures, and how they approached life, surely getting back to basics would represent major spiritual evolution for this generation too and beyond.

In progressing soul evolution, silence indeed is the loudest form of prayer, it epitomizes ‘back to mental basics..

In dealing with the coronavirus situation, every single person makes an actually difference — including teenagers and younger. Each play their part in bringing about global coherence at this time of great need. The fact is, each meditating soul affects many thousands of the non-meditating community. And if these meditations were synchronized locally, the benefits world-wide would be enormous.

Now that’s a prayer worth engaging in.

Stillness is the way

The first duty of each raindrop — on falling from the cloud — is seeking reunification with the ocean. To this end, practically, the raindrop answers only to gravity – gravity is the medium through which the raindrop reunites with its source, ocean.

For humans, stillness is the way.

Psalm 46-10 is here revealing the medium through we can each reunite consciously with Source. And how we can gain direct communion in God-nature by being inner still.

Be still and Know that I am God – Psalm 46-10 — In translation:

“Be still” is to be still mentally, surrender all inner struggle, “and know”, meaning gain direct experience of transcendental silence, “that I am”, existence, or conscious Now awareness, “God”, eternally vibrating higher-self consciousness.

It’s this dynamic of experiential vibrational silence — such as with Aum, Om. or God — which, when chanted, or recited silently, activates the subtle intelligence for experiential contact with Transcendent Supreme Being.

The important point is, God is a Verb (vibrational) and not a noun (not a static title). Therefore, the word God has a specific vibrational resonance or quality, and it’s this vibrational resonance that the psalmist is informing us to know directly within consciousness. This vibrational resonance in essence is experiential alive Unconditional love, which state reflects Christ-consciousness

From the mire of spiritual ignorance, vibrational ‘I’ becomes the Risen soul which knows — experiences — transcendentally, divinely, immortally.

Lying beyond the relative world of phenomenal existence, transcendental silence brings about unison of soul with eternal Transcendent.God.

All that remains now is for this meditational stillness to be expressed through the body-physiology, particularly through the heart chakra. This is necessary in order to root our expression as automatic behavior in the nervous system.

Finally, in fulfilling this scripture within consciousness — and in conjunction with World Health Organization guidlines — not only are we raising the standard of our own spiritual life dramatically but, through the increase of antibodies or white blood cells into our immune system, we’re also combating the spread-treat of coronavirus immensely at personal and global level. Blessings.


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