Customer and Concierge Services at the United Nations-United Nations

Being a world leader certainly has its advantages indeed. You can get away with murder, sponsor International Terrorists, exploit children and women for sex and kill or imprison all your political adversaries and even when you do all this you can get exemplary service at the United Nations concierge services center. What a treat it must be indeed?

In most nations if you did all this you would be thrown in prison or even executed, so it must be very nice to be a leader of a nation and member of the United Nations get-together group? Wow, sign me up I say?

In all seriousness let us look at this case study on customer service. The United Nations treats all world leaders as excellent customers as if they were in a 5-star Resort and like there are accustomed to. They treat them like Kings. Well, many of them are and Dictators, Presidents, Monarchs and such.

Do you treat your paying customers in your business without judgment in your customers? Perhaps you might consider the way that the United Nations does this. Always remember to treat your customers like kings and this will insure you get what you want too; after all cash flow is King.


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