EPA News: EPA settles Clean Air Act violations at ARG refinery in Bradford, Pa.


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 EPA settles Clean Air Act violations at ARG refinery in Bradford, Pa.

PHILADELPHIA (October 8, 2019) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today it has settled alleged Clean Air Act violations by American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG) at ARG’s petroleum refinery in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

In an administrative consent agreement, ARG has agreed to pay a $350,000 penalty along with $4.5 million in equipment improvements that were completed prior to the final settlement. These improvements will dramatically reduce air emissions from the facility.

EPA cited ARG for several violations, including noncompliance with several terms of the refinery’s operating permit that was issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The alleged violations include:

  • Failure to install a fuel gas recovery unit within the required compliance period;
  • Exceedances of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter (NOx) emission limits;
  • Failure to properly operate an emission-reducing flare;
  • Failure to comply with equipment leak detection and repair (LDAR) safeguards;
  • Failure to comply with performance requirements for petroleum storage vessels;
  • Failure to comply with national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for industrial boilers.

This settlement takes into account ARG’s prior compliance efforts — including the replacement of a coal-fired boiler and an associated fuel gas recovery system. The new boiler — costing an estimated $4.5 million — may reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 567 tons per year and emissions of particulate matter by 9 tons per year.    

As part of the settlement, ARG has certified that it is now in compliance with Clean Air Act requirements.

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