Google Bows To Facebook and Kisses Its Feet

Google Challenged by Facebook

The only other business challenging Google these days is Facebook. Facebook now competes with Google for ads clicked on, and for time users spend on it. The 500 million members of Facebook average 55 minutes a day – more than anywhere else on the web. Bright online marketers are discovering that wide online market, imagining a huge portion of this community clicking on their ads. Huffington Post Nov. 14, 2010 Reports “SEATTLE – U.S. Web surfers are spending more time socializing on Facebook than searching with Google, according to…comScore Inc. In August, people spent a total of 41.1 million minutes on Facebook, about 9.9 percent of their Web-surfing minutes for the month. That barely surpassed 39.8 million minutes, or 9.6 percent, people spent on all Google Inc.’s sites combined, including YouTube, Gmail e-mail, Google news and other content sites.”

Marketing on Facebook With these statistics, you might consider Facebook to be more than just a social community. It’s a great place to market your goods. But Facebook has strict rules that must be followed, and marketing there must be “softer” than conventional marketing campaigns. More like promoting yourself and your goods in a way that people are entertained enough to be emotionally triggered to “Like” what you do. This will take you much further on Facebook than traditional advertising strategies. Facebook Fan Page A great starting point to get “followers” for your business is with a Facebook Fan Page. Sign up on Facebook if you still aren’t a member and click the “create a page for your business” link. Facebook has fun features, applications and tools that encourage a more personal interaction between users and advertisers; a very ideal source of creating traffic for your online business.

Every status update and wall post that you publish will enable your “fans” to see them on their news feed, thus attracting a number of interested audiences to check out your products and business profile. They can also interact with you and other users on the discussion board tab which serves as a readily available forum; and how about that “Like” button? It’s divinely brilliant! Super Easy Facebook Ads One very handy tool of Facebook is its ad-creation platform which is as easy as creating a wall post. A promote button is conveniently located under every status update, wall post, and under your Fan Page’s profile photo. You can also choose your target market by indicating which age group, location, gender, and interest you want your ads to appear. While creating a Facebook ad, you can also set a click-through link to an external website directing the users to log on to your site.

Another interesting Facebook feature is that it allows you to control your budget and schedule when your ads should appear. After submitting, your ad request is now subject to the approval of the Facebook team. This is to ensure that your ads do not contain explicit material for the protection of the users. It is no wonder why a huge amount of people who have businesses whether online or not are placing Facebook ads. You can get easily get to your target market with ease as they appear mostly on homepages of people who are generally interested in your field. Facebook is taking over, take that, Google! Cudos to Google To be perfectly honest and generous with Google, it was really they who started this trend towards a more “touchy feely” connected internet. And since Google’s stock has gone up to $600 a share we’d better not badmouth them too much, while wishing we had bought that stock a few years back. Google is the “generous older brother” who has spawned so many good things on the internet, and certainly will continue to.

Anyone who isn’t using gmail for their business is simply “missing the boat.” And who really did invent those ads that work so well on Facebook….We are really lucky to be living in times with such user friendly interactive interfaces on the internet as both Google and Facebook. Smart people are taking advantage of this trend, and who knows what the next brilliant Internet culture will be?


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