How and What to Organize During The Coronavirus-Coronavirus

More then 80% of Americans are under stay at home orders. What do you do during your time at home? Many are still working, watching and teaching their children, and managing the house. It is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, anger, depression, and fear.

To battle these issues, try walking around your house and notice anything that has been bothering you but you just did not have time to ever get it done. Make a list and when you are taking a break from teaching and working, try to accomplish 1 of those tasks.

Some ideas are organize the junk drawer, pantry, linen closet. Go through the canned food to eliminate any expired food, organize one shelf at a time on any shelving unit, organize and purge clothing and toys. Kids can help with the toys and their clothes during the evening or weekends. Under the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen are always in need of organizing and eliminating items. Maybe you have some pet medicine or items expired or no longer used you would like to organize. Organizing photos is always an option during this time as well as finishing those scrapbooks you have had unfinished for years. Eliminating as many paper piles is also an option because once life returns, you might be overwhelmed by new work or activities.

For businesses, make adjustments and updates to your social media accounts and profiles. Update your photos and information. We all let that go once it is completed and unless we are prompted to do so, we rarely look at it again. Give it a fresh look. Same with your website if you are still working and bringing in money. Also a great time to eliminate those piles of papers and organize your office.

Something everyone should do during this time is look for and know where all their important papers are such as wills, passports, social security cards, birth certificates, insurance, and all financial accounts. A national survey conducted by Smead reveals that Americans choose very unusual places to store their most important personal documents. 10% are stowing them in an underwear drawer, 6% use a shoe box and 40% report that organizing documents is too time consuming. Make a copy of each to grab in case of a fire or flood or other natural disaster. Originals should be kept in a fire and water proof safe.


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