How To Make Online Stores More Successful With a Customer Survey Plugin-online store

Are you an eCommerce store owner and worrying about satisfying your customers? Well, it is no more a rocket science. Customer satisfaction can be the intricate factor when it comes to running online stores successfully. Being a responsible store owner, you must think in a futuristic way and come up with advanced solutions which can benefit you in a long run. Knowing what your customers like or dislike is an imperative part. The only way to explore their needs/preferences is to send them reports online. Unfolding their requirements will help generate more business revenue.

If you want to send customized surveys to your customers directly from SugarCRM then, there is a groundbreaking plugin for the customer survey, which helps you do exactly what you want! Online store owners can have a smooth process for sending surveys online. Creating multiple surveys using different email templates is as easy as pie! Moreover, with the help of this Plugin, different e-mails are used as survey invitations to users, contacts, accounts and leads.

Key attractions of this Plugin are,

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Different usages of templates
  • User friendly
  • Secure data storage
  • Un-subscription feature available
  • Set dates for sending survey
  • Resend questionnaire to customers
  • Save surveys in different formats for future use

Elevate the ROI of your eCommerce store by having below mentioned features to your SugarCRM Plugin.

  • Make Survey Templates & Create Questions

If you want to have a better understanding of your customers’ choices then, create survey questions and templates, because there is no other great way to send them a survey having questions of your choice!

  • Preview Survey Before Sending

After creating survey questionnaire and templates, you can have a pre look to your surveys. And then send surveys to the specific contacts.

  • Set Desired Email Templates

Once you preview the survey, get geared up to set e-mail templates. You can set preferred e-mail templates before sending it.

  • Send Survey to Contacts Any day, Anytime

After setting the surveys, send them to the respective contacts anytime and on any day. The report is sent instantly to the specific contacts.

  • Resend Survey

A survey can be sent or submitted again. Customers can also re-send the surveys to the admin or store owners.

  • Get Summary for Survey Sent

Get an overview of survey sent. Survey reports can be exported in CSV and Grid format. It gives a detailed list of customers!

  • Evaluate Surveys to Understand Customers

After getting a brief on survey sent, surveys can be evaluated to understand the customers. Thus, it helps improve customer satisfaction.

  • Generate Multiple Reports

Once the evaluation is done, multiple reports are generated in various formats. It enhances the base to know customers’ needs.


SugarCRM Plugin for customer survey comes with versatility and offers many features! It is easily integrated and deployed to all sized eCommerce stores.


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