incinerators that can handle Bio-Medical waste red bag


incinerators that can handle Bio-Medical waste (red bag) from research laboratories with level 2 and 3, animal research, and hospitals.  There are also a small amount of Pharmaceutical waste to be destroyed.  I would like your recommendations on what incinerators would handle the these requirement based on the following monthly kilograms of material.


Site 1 – 4,650Kgs per month (I have recommend that I install two incinerators at this location since it is a medical research facility and the usage is very high)


Site 2 – 1000Kgs per month (this facility deals more with animal research but also has red bag waste from their research side, they currently have a large animal carouse incinerator)


Site 3 – 1000Kgs per month (this facility is a local hospital with bio-waste from treating patients)


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