Is The Coronavirus Affecting Your Results?-Coronavirus


We are in a place we have never been before and our brain is having trouble assimilating all the new information and the confusion is causing some real problems with many people.

Only a short while ago we were all being swept along on the usual hustle and bustle of life rushing to fit everything in and wishing we had more time to do things and now we are leaving doing things because we have all the time in the world to get them done, which proves that we are always kidding ourselves about reality.

In a culture that seems to admire hard work we have created a mindset that tells us doing something is preferable to doing nothing so we tend to have trouble relaxing because we feel subconsciously that we are being lazy.

The problem with this programming is that it very rarely stops long enough to judge what results you are getting and in almost all cases we find that although we are flat out our achievements are somewhat lacking.

Doing a bit here and a bit there, rushing from place to place, starting and stopping projects, ignoring breaks and downtime is the most inefficient way to achieve anything.

There are two types of action and they are ACTION and EFFICIENT ACTION appearing busy produces a lot of action and your programming thinks, I must be achieving something because I am working so hard yet in reality your results are very poor.

Efficient action however allows you to think a situation through and take the best possible route to the result and one of the most efficient actions is to start and finish a task in one go rather than keep doing small bits.

The other problem with dealing in lots of small trivial bits is that we keep finding excuses not to tackle the more important issues and in an effort to suppress something that is worrying us we tend to do more bits to keep it at bay.

The solution is simple, firstly remember hard work and money are not related and the less you can do to achieve your results is a good thing not a bad thing.

Stand back and look at what you are doing and get in the habit of making sure that your actions are efficient and just see how much more you can achieve with so much less effort.

Do less and earn more!


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