Medical Waste Burner of 20 kg/hr capability with dual burner


3 Medical Waste Incinerator of 20 kg/hr capability with twin burner.Medical Waste Incineration Systems. i’m interested to ruin about 200 kg continues to be. a Medical Burner job for Tehran district. Our purpose for this task is to establish a plant in order to blaze Medical waste with 50 ton/day capability. a burner with 100 kg/ hr burning capacity. As well as it should work with gasoline, 2 chamber. Waste management
* Exterior size at base 6ft 1.8 m.
* Outside size at leading 4 1/2 feet 1.35 m.
* Inner diameter at base 3ft 0.9 m.
* Internal size at leading 3ft 0.9 m.
* Density of wall surface at base 18cm.
* Thickness of wall at leading 9cm.
* Perpendicular height of wall 4ft.
* Height of Iron bars from grate above ground 1ft

Material Required.
* Pool swish.
* 5 or 6 Iron bars regarding 4 1/2 feet 1.35 m long each.
* Amount of huge rocks for structure.
* 2 vacant kerosene tins for making air vent holes.
* 2ltrs of coal tar.
* 2 brushes.
* Structure 1ft-1 1/2ft deep is dug.
* Filled with large stones and also puddle swish to ground level.
* Vacant kero tins are following put right into position where the vent holes are to appear.
* Wall 1ft high is built with pool swish.
* Iron bars are put in placement leaving an area of concerning 2cm-3cm in between the bars 4ft 1.2 m to be reached.
* Wall plastered smooth.Incinération à haute température pour la damage complète des déchets contaminés ou dangereux.
Principe de combustion pyrolytique avec brûlage des fumées dans une chambre de post-combustion.
Incinérateur double chambre 900 ° C/1200 ° C de capacité 30 kg.
Equipé de: 1 brûleur de combustion + 1 brûleur de re-combustion + 1 laveur de fumées. Capacité de destruction horaire.
En poids: au moins 30 kg.
En volume: au moins 200 litres.
Burning: 900 ° C. Article combustion: 1200 ° C.
Puissance des brûleurs.
Combustion: au moins 80 KW.
Blog post burning: 80 KW.
Puissance électrique: environ 2 KW.
Area: environ 30×× 30 centimeters.
Hauteur (minimum): au moins 8 m.
Measurement de la porte de chargement: environ 50X50 cm


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