Medical waste incineration system


Medical waste incineration system of 300 kg/hr shed price with dual fuel (gas as well as diesel) type, daily 8-16 hrs procedure and a pile elevation of 15 meter.Primary burning
i. The main combustion chamber will be accepted as the key burning zone;
ii. The minimal burning temperature of the main chamber will not be much less than 800 degrees C;

Second combustion
The home time in the second chamber shall not be less than 2 secs;
The gas temperature as measured versus the inside wall in the second chamber, not in the flame zone, will not be less than as indicated in Lots 1-7;
Both the main and the additional temperature levels shall be preserved till all the waste has actually been entirely combusted;

The smokeshaft shall have a minimum elevation of 4 meters over ground degree;
The minimal departure rate of the exhausts will not be much less than 10 metres/second; 1. Capability of destruction in weight: 60 Kg/h.
2. It must have the ability to operate not less than 10 hours/day
3. This burner has to be able to ruin all combustible wastes produced by healthcare facilities, private clinics, research laboratories, institutes, and so on.
4. Style Requirements: Types A, B, C, D, and E of clinical waste
5. ” PYROLYTIC” burning, by regulating the gasification of waste.
6. The burner has to stay clear of the release of black smoke as well as great dust, (Electric) during the loadings.
7. It must be able to lower the quantity of wastes by 98%.
8. It must be able to hold emission in the 2nd melt with gas house of not less than 2 seconds.
9. The incineration ought to be totally devoid of noticeable smoke in addition to offensive odours.
10. The lower calorific power (L.C.P) of this waste will certainly be 3,500 kcal/kg
– The Temperature levels of burning: Minimum will certainly be 850oC as well as max 1400oC
– Post burning: >> 1100oC.
11. The Interior diameter of the Smokeshaft: Ø 400 and its height: 8 m.
12. The Volume of the combustion chamber: 1.200 L.
13. The Measurement of the door for loading in cm: 70×× 70.
14. Heater procedure must be Automatic On/Off.
15. Fuel: diesel.
16. The vendor has to supply necessary details for the very best of the setup.
This incinerator with “PYROLYTIC” burning should have:.
17. A burning chamber of waste:.
* Completely limited door for the hand-operated loading of waste. The loading ought to be Guidebook, Batch Tons.
* A burner of lights which the usage is restricted to the ignition of waste.
* Frontage of packing with door seals gone up on hinges, wheel of screw plug, versatile joint, and packing protecting out of refractory.
* The insulation of the combustion chamber need to be composed of refractory blocks, having a high web content of aluminium and insulates bricks in order to assure a minimum temperature on the outside sheet steel.
* Composition of the refractory;.
– Refractory concrete:
. Density: ≥ 100 mm
. Nature: 42% of Al203.
– Shield in coarse panels:
. Thickness: ≥ 75 mm.
– Nature: Calcium silicate.
* Heater of lights of waste, with fuel, common mono-bloc casting guiding plunging fire, lights and also safety and security of digital ignition, long-term air flow, electromagnetic sluice entrance of regulation and also separating valve.
* Plate of combustion in Carborundum, avoiding the repairing of glass and slags.

18. A chamber of article combustion of gases.
* A heater of combustion of gases,.
* A device of injection of air enabling a complete recombustion of gases,.
* A gadget of air inlet of cooling of waste gases,.
* A sheath of evacuation of the gases charred.
* Carcass in solid sheet steel with assistance of link.
* Make-up of the refractory;.
– Refractory concrete:.
Density: ≥ 150 mm.
Nature: 65% of Al203.
– Shield in fibrous panel:.
Density: ≥ 85 mm.
Nature: Calcium.
* Burner with fuel, mono-bloc spreading leading kind with straight flame, illumination and safety and security of digital ignition, irreversible ventilation, electro-magnetic sluice gateway of regulation and separating shutoff.
* A second shot of air to guarantee best oxygen web content.
19. A control box making certain the full cycle of burning.

20. Fan:.
* Electro-ventilator dispersing the secondary air, the guideline of the air flow being carried out by valves and also adhering to the control of the automatic cycle.
21. Controls and guidelines:.
Control box watertight to dirt, consisting of:

* A button breaker for every engine (ventilators as well as burners).
* A timer with flexible temporization for the law of each burner.
* A regulator with digital watching for the temperature of combustion.
* A regulatory authority with watch for the temperature level of postcombustion.
* Electric box.

21. The de- ashing must be performed in all-time low of the burning chamber or the deashing ought to be Automatic or hands-on batch de ashing.
22. Refine Filtering system: Scruber to be mentionned as optional.
23. Exhaust Requirements Conformity: BS 3316 or équivalent requirement.
23. Capability to deal with Plastic: Not much less than 40% by weight.
24. CE Manufacturing Compliance: BS EN 746-2-1997.
22. The provider should provide sets of spare parts of very first urgency and consumable of the incinerator.
23. The set up incinerator should birth a one year guarantee.
24. The provider will perforn an onsite setup of the burner.
25. The technological training of operators will have to be provided as well as provided by a professional.
from the factory; it will consist of alleviative and preventative upkeep, as well as using device, etc


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