Needle Destroyer – Growing Importance of the Needle Destroyer-laboratory incinerator

At a point of time, majority of the syringes used were re-usable in nature but there was a constant fear of the spread of highly infectious diseases. Scientific research has discovered that infected syringes and needles, if not destroyed completely, can cause the spreading of diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis B.

In the recent years, health care institutions and device manufacturers have undertaken initiatives to combat the risk of infection. Therefore, the re-usable syringes are now being replaced by the disposable ones. Though the major challenges associated with the use of disposable syringes are the volume of waste that will be generated and its management. These wastes should not be disposed of through open burning or dumping. Careful disposing of medical waste is necessary as it poses a threat to the community and environment as well. There is also a fear of unauthorized re-use of disposable needles and syringes in the hospitals and health-centers.

All these perils lead to the advent of the needle destroyer. Needle incinerators are the best options for disposal of used needles and syringes. They designed for safe and hygienic disposal of the used needles and syringes to prevent from reuse and safe guard from infections like AIDS and hepatitis B. The process includes destruction of the used plastic syringes and incineration of the needles completely upon insertion into the unit.

The Needle Destroyer is an electrical gadget that mutilates the needle. The destroyer has an exposed filament. When the needle is inserted, the circuit inside gets completed and a high temperature electric arc is generated which burns the needle. The destroyer also has a cutter that cuts the nozzle of the syringe so that it can no longer be used. Needle destroyers range from battery-run portable devices to plug-in desktop units.

Thus needle destroyer is the unique machine that has been developed to destroy both – needle and syringe in a safe, eco-friendly, and cost- effective manner.


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