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Incinerator operators and officials of pollution board have pegged Covid waste generation in state at about 20 tonne per day. Hemant Sharma, director, …
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Waste-to-energy incinerators are very common in Europe’s most environmentally advanced countries, helping them comply with the European Union’s …
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FORMER long-time Labor MP John Mickel worked as a lobbyist for the waste company hoping to build a $400 million incinerator in Ipswich. Remondis …
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the aggregate, the largest number of hazardous waste incinerators, landfills and treatment … pricing and volume of used motor oil and waste collected.
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… a High Court ruling to Gloucestershire County Council over a £600million waste incinerator contract has brought in a QC to mount a legal challenge.
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… to spearhead a campaign against a planned waste incinerator in Keighley. … Hilary’s images – which included smoke from an incinerator “spiking …
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In August 2019, plans were revealed to move the Colnbrook Lakeside Energy from Waste (EFW) facility and high temperature incinerator, which is on …
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This incinerator is technologically considered the most advanced incinerator in North America. Its use has increased the company’s hazardous waste …
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