Protecting Your Family’s Health With an Air Purifier-clean room air filter

Even if you are not allergic to your cat or dog, the presence of pet hair and dander in the home can cause respiratory problems due to constant exposure. If you or someone in your family does have a sensitivity to pet dander, or has a history of asthma, dander in the air can cause extreme discomfort. A high quality air purifier can make your house a home for them again.

Allergens and Pet Dander in the Home

No matter how clean you keep your home, if you have a pet there will be dander in the air. Dander particles are so small that vacuum cleaners cannot entirely remove them all from the carpet, and in fact often simply spread them back out through the air again by agitating the carpet. Dusting has a similar effect on any dander that might have collected on the furniture, shelves, books or knick knacks in your home. Also, whenever your pet moves around the home or makes himself comfortable on the carpet or furniture, more hair and dander is added to what is already there

Because pet dander is so pervasive and difficult to remove from the air, the best solution is an air purifier to complement the work you already do to keep your house neat and clean. With an air purifier, you can be assured that your family will have the best quality, cleanest air you can provide. If you or someone in your family has asthma or allergies, an air filter often can help reduce symptoms and frequency of severe reactions or asthma attacks and greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home.

How an Air Purifier Works

An air purifier works by drawing air through a filter. Most high quality air purifiers use a high efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filter that captures very small particulates as the air from the room moves through the filter. HEPA filters also typically include a carbon filter to filter out unwanted gas and odors. Filters vary in size so that you can choose one that will efficiently filter the air in any individual room. Since all the air in the room must move through the purifier in order to be filtered, a larger room will require a larger purifier, or even two purifiers, while a smaller room can be adequately treated with a smaller model.

Advantages of a HEPA Air Purifier

The HEPA air filter is extremely efficient and can make a huge difference in controlling allergens and other unwanted particulates in the air of your home. A HEPA air purifier can remove as much as 99.97 percent of the particulates in the air, keeping your home clean and healthy for you and your family.

When doctors diagnose allergies or asthma, particularly in children, one common recommendation is to add a HEPA filter to help reduce allergy or asthma triggers in the environment. HEPA filters from Austin Air, IQAir or Amaircare are among the highest quality air filters available, and can help you increase your family’s comfort and health.


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