The Advantages of Biodegradable Substances-waste incinerator

The earth is fast becoming a junk yard of plastic; metal and e-waste that are non biodegradable and this can cause serious repercussions in the climatic and living conditions of this planet. This is where biodegradable substances come into focus. These materials are easily decomposed by the microbial action of bacteria, fungi, and others in the presence of light and heat. The non biodegradable substances remain on earth without undergoing any change for years together causing serious harm and pollution to the environment.

Biodegradable materials like leaves, grass, palm fonds etc can be used for making thatched roofs, bags, clothes and accessories. Because plant materials are biodegradable, that do not add up to the land fill trash cans thereby considerably reducing the burden on earth.

Science and technology is being used to make more biodegradable substances and less harmful products. For instance biodegradable plastics are being developed, and marketed, which has the same properties and functions as its original counterpart. Trendy fashion accessories, bags and slippers made from the natural fiber of jute and cotton apparels are a rage among the younger generation and the Hollywood stars have been doing their bit in promoting these futuristic products. The Government is introducing many rules and regulations to ensure the promotion of bio degradable substances.

Food packing in plastic cases could be replaced by paper packs that are easily degradable Like wise, lawn bags that degrade would benefit the composting,, which will yield Methane, which in turn can be recovered for power generation. It is estimated that i20% of land fills are occupied by bagged yard waste.

The use of biodegradable objects can save the environment. You can do a lot of things in your daily life to make sure that the environment is not burdened with non biodegradable junks. By using paper cups instead of plastic cups as it will not add up to the land fill and moreover it can be recycled many times. It is found that by mixing molten plastic waste with asphalt, the roads remain maintenance free for longer period. Using an incinerator is another method to reduce solid waste and pollution. Stay green to save the earth!


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