Waste Incinerator vs Pet Cremator


a.) incinerator for waste. VS cremator for animals animal-cremation

b.) incineration to be ash and clean it. VS cremation and collect ash into pet cremation urns. pet-cremation-urns

c.) waste stack disorderly.VS pet in chamber individual.

d.) waste material complicated. VS pet is body.

e.) waste incineration is public affairs. VS pet cremation is personal business more. 265_00066_23SEPT.jpg

f.) waste incinerator with small-large scale capacity. VS pet cremation with regual pet size or weight

g.) waste incinerator feeding door small or big. VS pet cremator feeding door match with pet size

h.) waste material with or without fat. VS pet body with fat. cremation-ash

i.) waste incinerator with or without exchange feeding door. VS pet cremator better with exchange feeding door. pet-cremation-in-incinerator-chamber


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