Wet scrubber for incinerators

having waste from production process which is having very fine/powder material with moisture of 40%. Will this machine suitable for this application. For power waste, proposal plus wet scrubber system.

Optional 1 section type: Wet Cooling Spray Scrubber. Function: cooling, remove dust.


Optional 3 section type: Wet Cooling Spray Scrubber+Wet Dust Scrubber+Fog and Water Separator. Function: cooling, remove dust, remove fog(from water). the exhaust temperature around 200.



If waste is Acidic material, add Caustic soda into the water and cost a litter higher than without Caustic soda.

If plus wet scrubber, request build cooling pool(recirculating water) at local site. recirculating water pool and Sludge sedimentation at bottom, clean Sludge regular.


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