what’s Incinerators

Incinerator, incineration equipment to burn material you want to burn. most of time, Incinerator for waste burning, including solid waste, liquid waste and gas waste. the Incinerator fuel including oil, gas, coal, wood, etc. the fuel function for start burn, keep waste burn or only keep burn itself to get high temperature. Incinerator request 1/2/3/more Incinerator chamber, the first chamber for waste and some time, there are 2 even if 3 first chamber(first chamber union) for waste. the senondary chamber for the gas/smoke from first chamber and the function for enviromental protection. the part is necessary because we not only burn the waste, but also for the result we burn the waste. for large capacity Incinerator, after the 1/2/3 combustion chambers, there are some part for emission treatment, this are not burning parts, they are only for smoke treatment. the function including Desulfurization, Deacidification, Ash remove, Defogging, Heat recovery, Production hot water, Hot gas for waste pre-dry, etc. at the end, the smoke will output in to environment.  

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