500kg/day burn capacity incinerator


in acinerator with 300 kg/ hour by double filter wet and dry.Pet Dead Body Incinerator upto 80 kg ,gas operated is prefered. animal waste incinerator with capacity about 40Kgs. We will use this product to burn the animal corpses in normal way (not sick aninal).Could you please forward me quotation for incinerator that is suitable for service Town with a population of 200,000 people including other general town waste to burn. Technical specifications data sheet
List and quantities of consumables required per month
List and cost of all the spares required annually
List and costs of all the spares required in 5 yrs
List and costs of all the spares required in 10 yrs

2 incinerators one with 500kg/day burn capacity another one with 1000kg/day burn capacity

1 x Electrode

1 x Fuel Filter

1 x Photocell

1 x Flexible pipe

1 x Nozzle

1 x Control Box


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