burner for clinical waste




The incinerator for clinical waste should be assigned for the damage of all kinds of waste generated by the Facility for Wellness (waste type medical facility, facility, medical laboratory for devastating capability of 30kg/ h).

Pyrolytic gasification combustion control shall:

? Prevent development of black smoke and also dust development tine loading of waste;
? Supply normal and complete burning of the waste;
? Provide regulated guaranteeing the absence of shade, cloud of smoke or shedding odor;
? Permit restricted gas intake

The incinerator with pyrolytic combustion must have:

a. Combustor:

– – Chamber solid steel support legs sheet;
– – The cellular lining is made of refractory blocks and also a thermal insulation making certain a minimum temperature of the sheet;
– – The sole burning is made up of a refractory lining particularly created to meet the thermal, mechanical as well as corrosive liquid waste requirements and liquified glass;
– – The dimensions of the floor are geared up laterally primary air nozzles that sustain combustion;
– – The fireplace is outfitted with a mixing system of waste burning is regulated switch;
– – The recovery operation of the ashes will happen once a day line prior to starting the day’s procedure.

Structure of the refractory cellular lining:
* Insulation:
– – Operating temperature level: 1000 ° C max
– – Nature: Calcium Silicate
– – Thickness: 80 mm
* Refractory:
– – Running temperature: 1650 ° C max
– – Nature: Refractory bricks with 42 alumina – Density: 110mm

Heater burning:

– The combustion chamber is geared up with a burner to line to ensure right temperature level for the overall damage of waste combustion; – Automatic monobloc burner and flame dive furnished with a digital ignition system and also permanent air flow. Air fan: – A main air and secondary air follower gives the required oxygen delivery – There is an electric motor operated shutoff that regulates the circulation according to the combustion. – The stress of the follower is 500 mm CE to pierce the mass of
waste throughout combustion.

b. Article – combustion chamber:

– Deal with the gas has a minimal temperature level of 1100 ° C with a minimal residence time of two secs the afterburner is to; – An additional air injection is anticipated as well as gives best oxygen material; – The heater makes sure a minimum temperature of 1100 ° C constant; – The style of this heater resembles burning burners; – The afterburner is– outfitted with accessibility doors in order to make sure normal cleaning– of dust; – The afterburner is lined with high thermal insulation with a thickness of 150 mm

c. Closet, control and also regulation: – The entire installment will adapt European standards( EU ). – The electrical power is 220V 50Hz solitary phase. – Regulatory authorities of temperature with electronic display screen:.
–? 1 to manage the temperature of the burning chamber.? 1 for regulating the temperature of the afterburner.
? The hands-on controls are provided on each thing


Summary Dimensions. Destructive ability 30 Kg/ hr. Procedure 12h/24, 6d/ 7. Gas diesel oil. Smokeshaft Elevation: 5m, Diameter: 280mm.
Quantity of combustion

chamber Burning: 0.3 m3.
Blog post burning: 0.2 m3. Combined burning chamber: 0.3 m3.
‘TEMPERATURE LEVELS:. Combustion. Afterburner. 900 ° C. 1100 ° C. POWER BURNER. Burning. Afterburner

0.11 KW.
0.11 KW0

Follower power 0.37 kW


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