incineration Heater for burning patalogical


incineration Heater for burning patalogical (such as human tissue or blood) as west

The weight of this west materials is 700 kg per month and also we require an isolated heating system

Without fume as well as any kind of damaging gas


# Summary Specification

1 Burning Capacity – – 400 kg/time and also must not be much less than 300 kg/time. Optimum combustion time need to be 6 times/day

2 Smokeshaft outside diameter – – 300 to 400 mm

3 Fan power – – Need to not exceed 1.1 kw

4 Voltage – – 220V

5 Oil consumption – – Have to not surpass 14kg/h

6 Feeding door diagonal dimension (mm) – – Not less than 500mm 7 Incineration Temp. (⁰ C) – – 800 or above 8 Exhaust

Carbon Monoxide – – Must not go beyond 100 mg/m3

SO2 – – Need to not go beyond 400 mg/m3

HF – – (Hydrogen fluoride) Must not surpass 9.0 mg/m3

NO2 – – Should not exceed 500 mg/m3

Smoke dirt – – Need to not exceed 100 mg/m3

9 Elevation of the Burner – – Not much less than 10m over ground level

10 Maker’s Service warranty – – Not less than 1 year

11 Electrical Connection – – From closest circulation box using 25mm2 electrical cord and also all relevant connections and circuitry


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